Founded: 2013 Category: SaaS/Other Business Software City: Söderkulla

Deceased 2022-01-14

Powermemo-VIRA™️ is an intelligent SaaS tool for cross-organizational development projects, that passes by silos and reduces business lead times significantly. AI-based Powermemo-VIRA™ (Virtual Assistant) is a synchronizer: it follows all relevant events, that users make - in emails, files, chats, projects' updates etc - and interprets the content by using history and users' behavioral patterns. Users can discuss with Powermemo-VIRA™ by giving orders, asking statuses or reports and VIRA makes intelligent interventions when necessary. Customers are able to 'tune' VIRA to certain specific purposes - for instance in alarms, reports or company specific languages. Powermemo-VIRA™️ typical customers are B2B companies, that have a lot of customer driven sales and R&D projects participants coming from different organizations and units (external/internal). Powermemo-O365 package can be added-in Outlook, Excel, Word and MS-Dynamics, so that people can continue to use their already familiar tools www.powermemo.com



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