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Founded: 2021 City: Espoo

A practically useful quantum computer will need many thousands of qubits – the fundamental building blocks of quantum computers. Due to imperfections in control instruments, fabrication and design, qubits have subtle variations requiring different sets of control parameters to render each one usable. An intricate process is required to be able to reach a practically useful quantum computer. As the number of qubits is increased, the challenge of tuning and characterising them grows significantly. Successful tuning, optimising and stabilising of many thousands of qubits, regardless of their variability, requires intelligent automation. A big parameter space must be explored efficiently, data interpreted, patterns recognized and decisions made in real time. Current solutions that depend on human expertise are not good enough and will not scale. QuantrolOx is building automated machine learning based control software for quantum technologies to tune, stabilise, and optimise qubits. QuantrolOx’s software is technology agnostic and applicable to all types of quantum technologies, however initially the company is targeting solid-state qubits where the team has already demonstrated substantial practical benefits.



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