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472. (+70) 269 34 14.46 % 2467832-6

Founded: 2012 Category: Green Chemistry City: Lahti

SansOx ‘s innovative solutions has required the rethinking of water treatment. It is a process of change in water treatment – faster, more efficient, more control. Clean and correctly oxygenated or aerated water is crucial for several industrial processes and will significantly improve the well-being of plants and natural waters. At SansOx we believe that environmentally friendly products can also be efficient and economical. SansOx provides optimal oxygenation solutions for several branches of water treatment such as drinking water production, fish farming and industrial water processing. Our innovative products offer solutions for fast and efficient oxygenation with minimal energy consumption, energy efficiency, and more controlled solids separation. We are two time WssTP most innovative water innovative price winner (2014 with Oxtuber, 2015 with SaoxFuge).


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