SDR Dynamics

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679. (+28) 191 12 6.61 % 2608375-6

Founded: 2014 Category: SaaS/Other Business Software City: Helsinki

KRONOMETRIX™ Connects to a wide variety of data sources: everything from IoT devices, ICT enterprise to weather and environment sensors. In addition to multifaceted data ingress, the distributed data fabric provides high-speed transport for data consolidation, analysis and visualization in real-time. For ICT, Kronometrix™ can help organisations to measure and analyse their computing infrastructure, from operating systems, enterprise services to web applications. For more details please check Kronometrix ICT industry page: For weather and environment, Kronometrix can analyse the indoor air quality or keep track of the city air pollution. Check out our products and services designed for environment, Our company combines long years of experience from software to hardware industry. Kronometrix technology is built entirely on open systems and standards, bringing the most innovative ways to gather, analyse and visualize data.


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