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Founded: 2013 Category: Games City: Kotka

GoodLife Technology develops consumer and outcome driven solutions for healthcare and wellness domains. GoodLife Technology is a Finnish company called GoodLife Technology, are developing consumer and outcome driven solutions for healthcare and wellness domains. They have strong roots in the gaming industry. After years of intense game coding, They felt that instead of killing the next horde of zombies it was time to put their skills to better use. With their knowledge and skills they have developed a proprietary business development kit, Momentum BDK, which brings professional-to-client services into relevant consumer devices. Momentum is a universally comparable figure (0-100) that calculates how well you have followed your prescribed exercise instructions. It is based on their unique algorithm which takes all of your programs and exercises into account. Expertise is rarely a resource you can carry in your pocket. With the help of the Momentum BDK a company can expand their services and provide them uniquely to their customers wherever they are. Momentum BDK is transformable to suit all of your customers needs. PT Momentum is a mobile application designed to bring exercises and workouts created by professionals directly to your pocket. The application reminds you and shows you how to exercise – it makes it easy for you to follow your personal exercise program. By following instructions and videos you can be sure you are doing your exercises correctly. PT Momentum was developed and designed in collaboration with PhysioTools Ltd, a leading exercise software company in the world.


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