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85. (+1) 767 28 3.78 % 2564530-7

Founded: 2013 Category: Games City: Helsinki

We combine a world class creative team with a mobile first experience to develop brands that can make a difference. Seriously. We build global entertainment franchises that come to life first as best-in-class mobile games. We are passionate about great storytelling and epic world-building, desperate conflict and hilarious comedy, unique characters and unlikely heroes. We build brands that not only succeed commercially but also can give back to the world We are in this because we are driven to make great games, to tell great stories, to build the next generation of entertainment experiences. We want to make games that keep you playing in the blue glow of your phone until the small hours or to fire up quickly for just one more round during your lunch break. Conflicts that stay in the back of your head through the day and characters that you want to take with you everywhere you go. Experiences that can inspire you and maybe, just maybe, make the world a better place.


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