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Founded: 2015 Category: Consumer Software City: Helsinki

Problem Real-life contracts stall on ground level execution when loose spoken asks and promises fail and get ignored. Contracting at atomic detail level is hard and time consuming. Daily management falls partly into available easy channels like live meetings, handsakes, whatsapps, calls etc. Solution Fast and sharp video contracts. Sessio video contract is a smart tool that allows two independent operators to easily and reliably make a contract using image, audio, video, and drawing instead of writing to make a contract. The created video clip (.mp4) can be enriched with other features of the other platforms (integrations, message groups, digital signatures, block chains). In further development phases, the application can be extended to provide similar as self-attributable native features. And because a good contract includes the substance of execution, time and cost - Sessio delivers actually all from get go at one package even on the go.


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