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Founded: 2013 Category: Industrial Equipment City: Oulu

SFTec was founded in 2013 as a spin-off company from the University of Oulu. The idea for our main product ModHeat stems from the metallurgical industries’ need for more cost-efficient material dryer. The solutions before were either too large and expensive or too small and inefficient. ModHeat is an affordable, scalable, mobile and continuous drying technology. It can handle many different materials and use waste heats as a heating source. Technology has been successfully piloted in industrial scale for industrial sludges, woodchips and animal manures among many other materials. Drying is one of the most common processes in many industrial sectors. Our technology is combining best properties of the two main dryers in market. Our benefits are lower price point and the ability to handle previously unused difficult material streams. With the possibility to use waste heats as an energy source, ModHeat is proftable even for low-value material streams. Technology is fully scalable to any capacity needed. With ModHeat technology and our services, we can solve drying needs of any scale. We are an innovative technology company and experts in drying technologies, process engineering and circular economy.



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