Soletair Power

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Founded: 2016 City: Lappeenranta

Soletair Power's technology is the pioneer to the world's first economically profitable P2X fuel production, produced from CO₂ captured directly from the air. Our compact, sleek and modular-designed air-capture system efficiently captures CO₂ from the indoor air and increases human cognitive functions. At the office, home or school — we spend 90% of our time indoors. While breathing in a confined space, the inhaled air turns into carbon dioxide. This accumulated high concentration of CO₂ has been proven to make people feel dizzy, tired and sleepy. The reduced cognitive function means lower learning results and reduced work productivity. Soletair Power's technology captures the indoor CO₂ produced from breathing. It also turns the exhaled CO₂ into synthetic renewable Power-2-X fuels. By using our carbon-capture system, customers can increase their analytical & decision-making ability, productivity and performance; at the same time reduce the global CO₂ emissions to a great extent. Soletair Power has been featured in CNBC’s Sustainable Energy Show, named as the Carbon ghostbusters by Sifted, and is funded by global Technology giant Wärtsilä for representing an important step towards carbon-neutral societies. Every day, we try to reimagine, rethink and re-innovate newer ways to make our technology more efficient — to remove more CO₂ — to make the planet more healthy — to reverse the environmental damages. If you love this planet, love to work towards an environmentally sustainable future, this is where you can make a difference.


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