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Founded: 2015 Category: Industrial Equipment City: Lappeenranta

SpinDrive provides design, prototyping and serial production of active magnetic bearings (AMBs) for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). SpinDrive reduces energy losses in the machine by half. For a 500-kW unit, this solution mitigates 200 tons of CO2 emissions annually, which is equivalent to 2,000 barrels of oil burnt and enables 2-year payback time. An active magnetic bearing levitates the rotational part of the machine, eliminating mechanical friction. It enables 20 years of maintenance-free operations. SpinDrive solution is completely oil-free, which allows OEM customers to enter rapidly growing markets and ensure alignment with a contaminant-free environmental strategy. We help customers to significantly increase their solutions’ system efficiency, reduce material consumption and minimize maintenance costs. SpinDrive lowers the customer’s equipment lifecycle costs by 35%.



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