Sumo Apps

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1. 1729 -58 -3.24 % 3136102-8

Founded: 2020 Category: SaaS/Business Software City: Helsinki

Sumo provides creative tools for curious minds. Our primary objective is to offer web-based tools that boost creativity. We believe that to use creative tools you should need only Internet access. No expensive programs that take a lot of space on your hard drive or slow your connectivity with heavy bandwidth use. That's why we built Sumopaint, Sumotunes, Sumo3d, Sumovideo, Sumophoto, and Sumocode: because everyone should believe their own creativity... so their boundless imagination is fully accessible. Every app in our suite is gamified so they're easy to learn and easier to teach, because we want everyone to have the opportunity to create, believing in their own creative potential. If you can dream it... you should be it! Founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2008, Sumo was selected as a featured app for the Google platform in 2012. In 2016 Sumo surpassed 30 million unique users in its lifespan and two of our new initiatives are supporting teachers in fostering their students' digital creativity and offering creative professionals a cost effective and streamlined alternative to expensive, bulky creative suites with incredibly steep learning curves.


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