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Founded: 2014 Category: Human Resources City: Kerava

Recruiters can generate 100% individual feedback to each job applicant in just 10 seconds. Patent pending technology. Every candidate reads the individual feedback -> great marcom channel. 80% they meet buys the solution. Their algorithms ensure winning main prize in lottery is more probable than getting same feedback. Scalable, Plug&Play, Instant use, No configuration. Multi-sided markets: (1) Recruiters (recurring monthly fees): Recruiters with a) high volumes or b) high standards, and who value their brand and employer image. (2) Candidates (freemium): free of charge registration and sending one-time feedback request links to any employer to generate feedback -> Crowdsourced marketing for us. Payable: big data based analytics. Losing top talents decreases productivity ($350-400B loss in the USA alone). 86% of cadidates feel employers are unresponsive. 80% of employees are not engaged by the work they do. Best employers treat candidates like customers and gain corporate fans.



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