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Founded: 2012 Category: Cleantech City: Vantaa

Tanktwo delivers low cost, high-efficiency solutions to traditional battery problems. Founded in 2012, Tanktwo is a Finnish-American startup dedicated to drastically improving EV performance through the application of established principles from other industries within battery technology. Here at Tanktwo, we draw inspiration from mobile networks, internet routing protocols, and consumer electronics industries, and utilize data-driven methods in ensuring that our batteries perform at a significantly higher level of efficiency. Despite decades of billion-dollar investments in the development of improved battery technology, EV drivers and engineers alike are far from satisfied with current battery performance. Rather than attempt to force breakthroughs in electrochemistry, Tanktwo searches for inspiration and innovative solutions in seemingly unrelated industries. Tanktwo develops and sells algorithm-based battery optimization solutions for large loads, such as Electrical Vehicles. Tanktwo also provides the infrastructure and the back-end to manage the ecosystem. Tanktwo was incorporated in 2012 in Finland, with offices in Finland and Belgium, and the USA.



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