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Founded: 2012 Category: Media City: Tampere

Welcome to TeamUp, the global Fansite TeamUp is an ad-free community of inspiring people and groups, their passionate fans, and loving sponsors. We help sports teams, athletes, musicians, etc. to amplify their content reach in social media. Current leading channels do not give them full access to their fans. We give full access and help them to reach more people in all social channels with our patented fan ranking mechanism. With our fan ranking you can recognize and reward fans who share content in their own channels and bring new fans to you. If your company wants a social media marketing opportunity that is authentic, free of spamming, and leads to meaningful customer relationships built on emotional connections through sponsorship then TeamUp is your solution. Athletes, Musicians, and Artists need to be funded to be able to pursue their passion, Fans want closer connections to the people they admire, and businesses want to build brand loyalty with their customers and connect in meaningful ways to them. We make it all happen. Building a community is the first step. Everyone gets a profile, those who inspire us, their fans and the businesses who support them. TeamUp provides a nice way for them all to connect towards common goals and interests. As a Fan, you can buy directly from your Inspirator with our new social buying experience. 100% of the money goes directly to the Inspirator. Fans get a nice connection to Businesses that support the Inspirator they admire. No spam ads. Fans will learn in a positive way about the businesses that support the people and causes they care about and they can show their appreciation by supporting those businesses. At TeamUp we helping people connect through shared passion. The ability to cross borders and appreciate each other's gifts leads to acceptance. TeamUp to feed your passion. Better. Together.


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