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Founded: 2012 Category: Business Software City: Helsinki

Their new product Tellyo Pro helps content owners and online publishers to get the full benefit of online video. With Tellyo Pro the publishers can easily access the content streamed on TV. They can grab and edit out the relevant clips they want to use in their articles and social media streams. Publishers don't have to worry about copyright or contracts when using Tellyo Pro, because they are settled with the content owners through Tellyo beforehand. Tellyo offers several ways to generate new revenues from social media interactions around your content. Shared videos play inline on Facebook and Twitter with pre-roll and post-roll advertisement and also the video player can be branded with content from the show’s sponsor. Tellyo provides tools for brands to utilise high value content in new ways. For example by sharing sport highlights to the followers of the brand in social media channels right when it happens. Hence, the content is promoted to the brand’s followers driving up viewership, while the the brand’s followers are engaged with content they appreciate.


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