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Founded: 2010 Category: Games City: Tampere

Tampere based Traplight Games was established in 2010 by three Finnish game industry professionals, Riku Rakkola, Jari Paananen and Sami Kalliokoski. The core team of Traplight was already forming back in 2007, when the trio got their hands dirty with fresh mobile titles and big players such as Disney, Warner, Sega and Lucas Arts. In the beginning Traplight Games collaborated with game world superstars like Redlynx, Ubisoft and Supercell. At the same time something else was brewing in the background — A new kind of vision that would empower gamers around the world. In 2013, after a full year of perfecting their idea for bringing together user-generated content, goal oriented gameplay and social gaming, the team decided it was time to take the next step. Big Bang Racing was born. Featuring an easy-to-use and versatile level editor the game empowers the players to craft meaningful content for others to enjoy. Players are no longer just users, but the life force behind a whole game world, a creative community that makes Big Bang Racing unique. As of 2015 Traplight Games continues to grow in numbers. Bright new talents along with local developer superstars have been recruited in order to get Big Bang Racing out and into the hands of the players in early 2016.


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