Triumf Gamification

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Founded: 2017 Category: Gaming City: Helsinki

Triumf Health delivers behavioral therapeutics to children aged 7-12 through a mobile game to improve their mental wellbeing and quality of life. Our platform has two solutions: Triumf Hero & Triumfland Saga. The onset of more than 50% of mental disorders happens during youth, which makes targeting prevention towards children and young people important. However, existing healthcare services fall short in their ability to prevent long-term negative impact on child and adolescent health. Consequently, only 1 in 4 children with mental health issues receives treatment at the moment. Digital medicine is highly relevant when it comes to youth mental health in two fundamental aspects: detection of emerging mental illness and providing youth-friendly treatment. Our DTx platform combines psychosocial research, validated psychological techniques and data analytics to assess, monitor as well as support the mental health of children and induce the creation of healthy habits during gameplay. Unlike most other commercially available digital health solutions, the digital intervention is based on the Self-Determination Theory of motivation and behaviour change. Through a game environment, research-based content is delivered to educate, monitor and support children in a personalised manner. Triumf Hero and Triumfland Saga are currently available for Android in the following languages: English, Russian, Swedish, Finnish and Estonian (other languages in the pipeline). Licencing the health game to insurances, hospitals and schools.


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