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Founded: 2015 Category: Other Consumer Goods City: Helsinki

We develop, produce and subcontract products designed for kids’ long-term health and wellbeing. The Challenge Just like moms and dads around the world, we love our kids. Yet we face a challenge: How to help our kids grow up happy, healthy and smart. We started from nutritious and wholesome food. When we couldn't find a brand that would put our kids health and wellbeing first, we decided to start one. We found that grocery store shelves are filled with products aimed at our kids that are not actually very good for them - they contain far too much sugar, salt and saturated fats, with very little fiber and other beneficial nutritional ingredients. We felt that it was wrong because we know that what we feed our kids now has both short and long-term effects on their health and the quality of their lives through to adulthood. The global childhood obesity epidemic shows that we need to act now. Our Solution Since we are not experts in nutrition or health, we got in touch with scientists at the University of Helsinki and experts in food production, medicine and early childhood education and started to develop products for kids that are wholesome. Making sure our kids grow up healthy and strong is something we strive for.


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