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Founded: 2019 Category: Consumer Software & Apps City: Helsinki

UpSteam is an innovative mobile car wash company which allows you to order a car wash within minutes to your preferred location. Kind of like Uber for car washes - we are revolutionizing the way people wash their cars by bringing the car wash to you. And what's best - UpSteam is eco-friendly - we use a special bio-degradable wax-based chemical and only 1-5 litres of water per car. Therefore Mother Nature salutes you. Businesses with a car fleet automate their car washing process with UpSteam. We take away the hidden costs and any type of hassle with a fixed cleaning time while cars are parked and monthly invoicing. Companies usually save up to 40% of their car wash cost by switching to UpSteam and we do not consider the potential income from making it more effective. No more days when your employee has to clean the company's car on their free time or an employer having to pay salary while employees are actually not working. This is definitely something you should be optimizing by now. Learn more about our offers for businesses from our website or by contacting us directly. No more wasting hours of looking for a car wash place, driving there, waiting in the queue and waiting for the wash to be made. With UpSteam you can order the car wash where ever you are - at home, at work, in the gym or out shopping. It takes 45 seconds to 1 minute for order through the app and that's all the time you spend on car wash from now on. Download our mobile app for iOS: Android:


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