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Founded: 2017 City: Helsinki

Vaana is an agile software company located in downtown Helsinki with a fresh perspective on IT for social & health. We are specialized in delivering multi-party financial solutions, such as electronic personal budget and voucher scheme platform. Service vouchers and personal budgets are powerful tools for giving social and health care service consumers a way to affect their own treatment while at the same time ensuring that the treatment is of high quality. These instruments reduce costs in public social and health care while giving public officials more time to do what they are supposed to do: take care of you, your grandma and your children. We already work with more than 80 municipalities in Finland, and over 80 million euros in social and health transactions are made through Vaana’s voucher scheme and personal budget solutions. Thanks to our rapidly growing business and customer-oriented solutions Vaana is in a stable financial position and lucky to have owners with long-term commitments. Our goal is to create solutions that are applicable across the world. We like to keep our system running on a modern tech stack, and we are actively looking into the latest technologies to take our industry further. Vaana is owned by The Orange Company, a family business, and it's employees. Find out more at


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