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Founded: 2020 City: Helsinki

Fully utilizing data for the benefit of patients has many challenges, the biggest of which are access to data and combining data from several sources. But how do you improve accessibility, quality, and utility of health data and still secure privacy? VEIL.AI’s solution solves these challenges, converting sensitive and siloed health data into useful, actionable information that can be used to benefit patients in many ways. We specialize in health data anonymization, synthetic data and pseudonymization services. Our unique (patented) technology helps healthcare stakeholders utilize sensitive data in ways that were not possible before. Why do our customers and partners want to collaborate with us? We are a leading European company specializing in sensitive data anonymization and synthetic health data. We combine deep biomedical data expertise, unique AI-driven technology and privacy. Here are some examples of how our unique AI-based solution can benefit patients, hospitals and pharma companies: - Increases access to health data, offering higher data quality and utility while maintaining patient privacy - Provides broader possibilities to create Real World Evidence (e.g. collecting and combining data from many sources / sites / countries) - Meets the requirements for future Evidence Generation (RWE and Predictive Evidence) and increases Evidence Generation Efficiency - Superior collection and anonymization of streaming data (wearables, medical devices, IoT) enables development of new services - Supports Decentralized Clinical Trial set-ups, shortening Clinical Trial lengths and costs - Enables better interoperability to share data for many different purposes (e.g. hospitals) - Enables development of AI algorithms for better treatments and patient care - Enables new possibilities for Health Economics and Value-based Healthcare


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