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Founded: 2016 City: Helsinki

Via Esca is a Finnish start-up operating in the field of health, food and wellness. Our mission is to increase wellbeing by helping people to change their eating habits better. ViaEsca is a training program which aims at changing eating habits permanently. It helps to find the permanent balance between the consumption of calories and eating healthy food easily and motivationally. Buy eating right one can reach a totally new energy level and feel good. During the 21-day journey one will learn new skills, experience new things and maybe loose weight while eating well. One will certainly learn new things about oneself and get new energy to everyday life. Eating habits have a tremendous effect on health, even more so than exercise. The biggest single explanation for sickness absences is obesity. Permanent weight control is not reached without a balanced diet which Via Esca service offers. You will get 21 recipes and shopping lists for the menus, mobile application to follow your balance, activity bracelet to record your activity 24 hours a day and online support. In capital area we also deliver food bags with Via Esca recipe based ingredients. You can start this journey by yourself, but also with your co-workers. In a group you can help each other to succeed. When you are motivated to change your eating habits and have a group support, you are bound to succeed. It is a question about your wellbeing at work and at home. For groups we do also goal setting, body composition measurement (before and after) and result feedback. Ask the executive responsible of wellbeing in your company to form a 5-10 person group and test how Via Esca works. Read more or contact us


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