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Founded: 2016 Category: SaaS/Business Software City: Oulu

VibeCatch is an advanced employee engagement platform that utilizes frequent pulse polls and analytics to help companies build better culture and improve their bottom line. It is the only employee engagement tool that leverages the effective Quality of Work Life (QWL) Index, created by professor Marko Kesti, a leading academic specializing in HRM performance. The QWL Index uses unique job satisfaction metrics that highlight specific areas of improvement within the organization, by pinpointing weak signals and undercurrents that most survey methods fail to detect. Through automated polls collecting relevant feedback, leadership can easily shift focus from measuring job satisfaction to actually improving it. With the scientifically-backed QWL framework, companies can even link employee engagement to productivity and financial results, giving them the opportunity to find what areas would benefit the most from developmental investments. VibeCatch is a subscription based service with prices starting at $2700 per year including all features and online support targeted at companies with 100 employees and below. If you have over 100 employees please contact us to get an offer.


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