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Founded: 2014 Category: SaaS/Other Business Software City: Helsinki

Videoly is the easiest way for online retailers to get hand-picked and automatically embedded product videos to online stores 🎥✨ 🛒 For retailers Videoly sources existing video content such as reviews, presentations, unboxing, how-tos, from YouTube and directly from brands. User-generated content is also covered. Videos are embedded directly to online stores’ product pages. Before being linked to a product page, all videos are validated by a human viewer to ensure they’re suitable. 🏷 For brands Videoly ensures brands’ own videos are efficiently distributed to online retailers’ product pages. It lets brands take control of how and where their videos are shown and gets brand videos to exactly where they should be - next to the add-to-cart button on a reseller’s online store. ✅ Increased sales: Product videos increase conversion rate by an average of 34%. ✅ Enhanced customer experience: Increased video coverage gives consumers richer product information. ✅ SEO ranking: Consumers stay longer on pages with video, boosting time spent on site and Google hits. ✅ Zero hassle: Videoly is fully automated. We add thousands of videos without any manual work required from users. ✅ Replicate the in-store experience online: Nothing beats actually seeing a product in action. ✅ Reduced return rate: Through video, consumers are able to make more informed purchase decisions, thus lowering product returns. ✅ Keep control of your content: Videoly means your videos are shown in the optimal position on resellers’ pages.


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