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Founded: 2017 Category: Industrial Equipment City: Vaasa

WOIMA seeks to increase wellbeing in high-growth markets by delivering best-in-class circular economy solutions. Our solutions mitigate environmental, social and health problems caused by waste and offer sustainable growth to waste management companies, energy sector, investors and local population alike. Our solution is the modular prefabricated waste-to-energy powerplant wasteWOIMA®. Learn more about the benefits of our W2E power plant: https://www.woimacorporation.com/technical-solution/ Named for ancient Finnish word woima, meaning power, WOIMA Corporation brings electrical and thermal energy and potable water to emerging countries in a sustainable way. WOIMA’s solution on waste problem is people-sized and is based on will to enhance the life quality of the people in emerging countries. WOIMA’s expertise in engineering and project delivery serves company’s mission to pave the way for a better tomorrow. Follow our journey and get in touch if your interested to join our mission!



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