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112. (+18) 489 36 8.04 % 2688054-4

Founded: 2015 Category: SaaS/AdTech, MarTech, E-commerce City: Helsinki

Zadaa is the world’s first marketplace that has made selling and buying secondhand fashion as simple as in an online store. Sellers just sell, ship and get paid. Buyers just buy, receive and wear it. The company solves three of the main issues any marketplace confronts: logistics, matching and engagement. Since our launch in 2016 we have grown our network to more than 500.000 users and having over a million items for sale in the app as well as collaborated with top brands, designers, fashion & lifestyle influencers and some of the biggest logistic companies. Zadaa’s matching algorithm results in only having a 1,5% return rate and 4,84/5 star customer satisfaction with our customers 88% reselling and 80% rebuying. Our game-changing logistics technology enables cross border C2C shipping delivered with a single code at a 25-50% cheaper price than any other competitor. Zadaa operates in three different markets - Germany, Finland and Denmark - with offices located in Helsinki and Berlin.


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