Founded: 2015 Category: SaaS/Other Business Software City: Oulu

Deceased 2022-03-22

Zemeho's main product is Valinta (https://www.valintaplay.com/). Valinta is a free service and customisable music player that developers plugin to their games or apps and enable user controllable free indie streaming music and monetise audio. Valinta is commercially available globally, validated by 1,000+ Unity Asset Store downloads, along with direct game developer and publisher partnerships that have a total of 1B+ installs for their games. Zemeho works directly with some of the leading Audio AdTech companies, such as Triton Digital, Adswizz, Instreamatic, Targetspot and others to provide global maximum fill rate for the game companies integrating Valinta streaming music player to their Unity, Cocos2d-x, C++, H5 and soon UE4 and Lumberyard based game engines.



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